We are presenting Machine Monitoring System which is useful for industry to tracking production machine. It is an advance electronic device which is connected with cloud and brings the data in your mobile device.It displays the total production (peaks), speed (per minute) and efficiency of machine in % by taking signals from proximity installed at machine. Shift wise total production, power fail data saving, compact size and multi features in one product make this unit advantageous to machine.


Quad monitoring system provides an awesome features to increase your machine efficiency and make maintenance of your business easier.

machine monitoring

Online and Offline storage

Fully Automatic System that Increase Machine Efficiency Upto 10 to 15%

Economical and Reliable System

Easy to install and Simple to maintain

Integrated Information of All Machine at One Place

User-Friendly Interface and Real Time Monitoring for Easy access

Colored Indication of Machine Status for Machine Running,Machine Stopped.

User Friendly Web / LAN Based Mobile / Tablet Compatible Software.

Less Maintence and Mobile Notification

Machine Monitoring System Analyze Data in Real Time and Helps Quick Identification of Poor Performing Machines Which Helps in Output Optimization.

Incessantly Improvement In Production

Quad Machine Monitoring system can succor your company to improve your production up to certain extent.

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machine monitoring

Our Works

Quad Machine Monitoring System is successfully installed in different types of machine.

Department Wise display machine Data.
Total Off Time
Total stop
Total Meter
Sensor setup Tools
Sensor Fitting
Machine Data Receiver
Machine StartStop Report
Machine Stop Summary
Month WiseReport
Real Time Machine Wise Report
Real Time Status
Time, Meter, Efficiency, Stitches Report

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Multi Capability

Quad Monitoring System provides ease to monitor machine data through web as well as mobile app. Our system helps user to get information about machine current running status and machine production, stop and start time, total working time and information of person working on it. Quad Monitoring System provides graphical representation of data for better analysis as well.

  • Effective data monitoring
  • Easy to learn
  • All information at one place
  • Increases productivity

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