If you have a unique app idea, no matter how good it is, is not enogh in todays world. It is getting harder to beat and compete currunt app market. On the other hand investment and resources are getting costlier day by day. People will think thousands of time before downloading your application.

Research: If you wish to make a world-class application, a lot of factors are there which will become an obstacle. So you need to do research and analysis regarding your application. Some of them are customer demand, market strategies, and current trends. Before giving a technological touch to your application research is the very basic phenomenon to keep in mind as almost everything is available in the free source market. So you should believe in “Learning from others mistakes than Learning after making mistakes.” You have to do real surveys of the active users and carry out the analysis. It will help you in bringing something unique and attractive than the rest. 

Identify Target Audience: This scenario comes under the research department. To know who will use your application is much more important in today's market as they are the key factors in app success. Most of the ideas are targeted to a specific task or function rather than a specific audience. When it comes to marketing, the audience creates a huge impact. If you want more downloads, you have to offer them what they want. Make sure it should be well designed and planned.

Right Platform Selection: This is one of the key factors for the success of your app. Mainly there are 3 platforms are available in the market. iOS, Android, and windows. However, in the world of mobile devices, Android and iOS are most popular across the world. If you wish to develop an application for a specific platform you need to use a language that is natively supported by that platform. For example, an Android app based on kotlin and java while iOS apps are developed by objective - c and Swift. These apps are called Native apps. While there is a Hybrid option is also available in the market. It is possible to develop one application that could e used on different platforms. To deal with this world you have to use cross-platform frameworks such as Xamarin, flutter, react native, etc.

Determining cost of developing an app: Ample factors are affecting the cost of developing a mobile application. These factors must be precisely analyzed before setting up the budgetary boundaries. There are various aspects of an app which requires money to be invested in; development, maintenance, marketing etc. Basically your app budget depends on what you are building.

Monetization Strategy: Today, almost everything is available for free in the market. So ehy should public invest in your application? This is a major concerned for developers. If you are planning to monitize your application, here are some ways.

• Paid app download

• In-App Purchases

• In-App Advertising

However, these are not the only ways to do monotization. You need to reaserch for all other stuffs for the same

Build a minimum viable app: YOu should create a MVP version of app to know about market before bulding whole application. Once you validate your app idea from the analysis and you have the vision how your product will look like. After some stage you are open to build your app on various platforms. It allows you to understand the abstratction of the app in a precise manner.


If you are willing to launch your application on a global level, you need to carry out various surveys and analysis. According to GSMA real-time intelligence data, today, there are 5.28 Billion people that have a mobile device in the world so the opportunity is huge and the market potential is large. Only you need to create and unique application which can solve people's problem in a fraction of second.