It's been a long time that the world has introduced with augmented reality. Ar technology widely used in Gaming applications. After Apple's ARkit, AR has taken a big shape in this world. AR is all about superimposing computer-generated images on top of your view of reality, thus creating a composite view that augments the real world. May be, diversity in AR technology will bring a major change in human's lives. I have seen the future of AR apps and it's coming to your home.

Satisfying shopping experiences: The most prominent use of AR is in the field of shopping and retail business. Before you buy, you can try everything without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. You can try new clothes so that you can come to know how it will look like on you. This gives a better experience of shopping. When it comes to furniture, some of the retail giants allows you to see how new furniture will look like in your house.

Interactive Gaming: AR games have been proved as a boon to gamers. It gives you a realistic environment by sitting at just home. Apple launched ARKit with great stability evolve a great in the field of gaming. The Pokémon Go app takes the gold. Users simply downloaded the app to hunt for Pokémon characters in their everyday surroundings. The app uses your GPS data to determine where you are and reveal the virtual characters within your real world.

Real-time navigation: Time has gone to use 2D and GPS enabled maps. Using the AR technique people can travel interestingly. By sitting in a car we can get an overview of any sights. For example, the system displays information about the particular cultural site: a brief description, photo and video materials, etc. Also, it saves a lot of time during traveling by giving us the best possible routs.

Technical support: In the future, AR will tell a user about any faulty part by scanning a physical thing. So it gives an instant service on a fingertip. Hyundai’s AR user manual represents another innovative use of AR to provide better customer support. Hyundai released an app for later models of the Sonata that allows owners to find out more about different parts of a vehicle by simply pointing their phone or table to the specific area.

Sports Broadcasting: When we talk about augmented reality in the Sports field, AR has brought a huge change. In this case, AR applies 3D graphics and interactive visual elements on top of the live video footage of the game. This also improves the decision taking system known as the DRS system in cricket. AR helps in creating a real-like stadium experience. One more example of AR application that we can try and perform at our home in The dulux visualizer application. We can paint our wall with this application without any cost.

The Dulux Visualizer App

Let's color. Dulux visualizer app can color any wall in just a few seconds. You can save as a video or photo; which you can also share with your family and friends if you’re finding it difficult to narrow down your color choice. We can visualize our living space by using AR technology. We can manage colors and textures on the wall very easily with this application.