The Internet and particularly social media have opened the world of global interactions. Social media has brought a massive change in our life. To date, we only aware of share, edit, tag, delete function with photos. We all know how social media emerged as an independent platform in the last decade. So it is not a hard task to keep relations with friends and families. Facebook itself has 2.4 billion users making it one of the biggest communities in the world. From pets to the elderly, everyone has an account on social media.

Benefits of social media in business:

1. Increase brand awareness: Nowadays we discover new products and brands on social media. In fact, all major brands from Wallmart to telecom companies have their accounts on social media. People become curious to know about the business that is talked or seen the most.

2. Social Networking Makes Relationships More Personal: People do not trust a brand until they see “real-world proof” that the brand is keeping its promises. To create and maintain good relations with customers, no platform can beat social media. By tagging and giving rewards to the customers is an efficient way to make a place in peoples' hearts. Introduce your followers to the people who make up your company and showcase how existing customers are using and benefiting from your products.

3. Social media reaches all ages and demographics: Social media defies age barriers. As we talk earlier, every citizen has their accounts on social media. So, no matter how young or old your target audience may be, chances are most of them are already logging on and waiting for you to get started. At the time of selling products and aware of sales in brands, brands can show these with their attractive posts.

4. Increase website traffic: social networking presence is essential in attracting traffic to your website. Not only it directly drives traffic to a page, but it also improves search ranking. Ads and post on social media is the ley feature to get traffic on your website. Sharing content from a blog or website to your social channels is an efficient way to reach the audience as soon as you publish a new post.

Conclusion: Social networking is a weapon. If you can pull its possibilities your business will definitely grow with it. With management, some creativity, and additional tools you can achieve marketing goals with cheaper investments.