The field of robotics promises to be the most profoundly advancing technological transformation since the industrial revolution. "Automation and Artificial Intelligence: How Machines Affect People and Place" jobs are higher risks of automation. From preparing food to administration office work everything is done with the help of technology.

1. Drivers: Strange but true. Maybe a driver will no longer be a job, then who will drive a car? IoT (internet of things) is doing it on a larger scale. Self-driving cars are only a few years away, and when the switch happens, it’s not just our vehicles that will be autonomous. Tesla the leading automobile company has mad a driver-less car.

2. Cashiers: There has been increased talk in the last few years about the reality of a cashless society, with advances in contactless payments, Apple Pay, and even cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin becoming prominent within mainstream society. Cashless transactions are really good in day to day life as we do not have to carry a huge amount in the form of cash. self-checkout machines are there for doing transactions.

3.Travel agents: A Travel agent who is responsible to guide us about our next vacation trip. But nowadays, there are ample websites are available in the market with great technology so that we can arrange our trip at a cheap rate. This fingertip companies are becoming more and more independent. We just need to add our budget, website or mobile applications will give the best suitable places to visit. MakeMy Trip. goibibo, etc are an example of the same.

4.Referees/Umpires : Although this has always been regarded as a well-respected job, it's become more and more common for both players and spectators to question the decision of referees. Thus, DRS in cricket and VAR in football comes to the picture. These technologies can take decisions more accurately than an on-field person.

5.Librarians: There always be a book in the world- regardless of the success of e-book. Many public libraries are struggling to stay open due to funding cuts. Instead of relying on volunteer work, many institutions have started uploading their book on the internet. So no need to give a special place to the library.

6. Safety inspector jobs: When it comes to inspecting machinery, mines, and wind turbines, what do you think the human eye can assess risks and mechanical faults better than a technology? Automated technology has made an incredible leap forward, with drones and robots now integrating into industrial inspection. From power cutoff to faulty machine everything we can measure with such technologies.